CNN Just let MAJOR Truth Bomb Slip On Who “Promoted” Them [VIDEO]

Here’s a video of wack-jobs crowding the streets in anti-Trump protests, hopefully on the way to getting themselves arrested, and learning a life lesson about how it’s NOT OK to commit crimes.

You cannot commit crimes in the name of social protest. Laws are still laws.

It’s said that many of these protests in hatred of Donald Trump are organized by a group called the Socialist Alternative. I believe they should change their name to Socialist Douche, because they’re nothing but trouble, make no point, and clearly do not want an orderly America.

These are the people who wake up and hate their own life, hate themselves, hate everything around them because THEY are unhappy with themselves.

Maybe they all need counseling, hugs, or a few weeks in a padded room.

Enjoy this slip-up from CNN, the hard left news network.

RightwingNews – Socialist Alternative is the social media name of the Socialist Party. The Socialist Party and its offshoots have been linked to both Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter. See how all this is connected? It always has been and always will be. These are revolutionaries… professional malcontents that want to get their violence on.

This same group is probably also connected to the rash of Craigslist ads across the nation, looking to hire protesters to get their message out. You might recall that in his series of undercover videos, “Rigging the Election,” James O’Keefe uncovered Democratic Party officials who admitted to helping organize violence at Trump rallies and protests which were financed by Democratic billionaire George Soros. This is called bird-dogging. Looks like this group is part of that effort. We are sure to find out more connections as time goes on… but these people are in it for the long war.

How come these folks didn’t stop Hillary Clinton from knocking Bernie Sanders out of the democratic race? Why wasn’t there more candidates on the democrat side? If you only have two people to represent the democratic party, then you have a much bigger problem on your hands.

All these protesters in the streets could be home spending fun time with their friends and family. They could be doing something great for America. Instead, they’re out causing trouble.

No one likes protesters.

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