CNN Just SCREWED Themselves With What Was Seen At Bottom Of LIVE Interview They Didn’t Know Was There

CNN Just Screwed Themselves With What Was Seen At Bottom Of LIVE Interview They Didn’t Know Was There

CNN has come under a lot of deserved scrutiny after devolving from a once reputable and credible news source, to the laughing stock of mainstream news. The left-leaning outlet just made matters far worse for themselves that should seal the deal on their declining ratings with what was caught at the bottom of their live broadcast by shocked viewers who couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

During what was said to be a live interview with California Democrat U.S. representative Jackie Speier from Capitol Hill, the OutFront show host made a huge mistake that happened to be caught on air. She said the broadcast was coming to viewers live, which nobody would have questioned until one viewer went to change the channel and saw something at the bottom of the screen that caught him off guard.

Switching from CNN to the other liberally biased news network, MSNBC, the viewer saw that Speier was also live on their show, complete with the “Live” red tab at the bottom of the screen that CNN had. She was in the same location that the CNN host said she was and in the same clothing, but since once person can’t be live on two networks at once, speaking to different hosts, people quickly caught on to the latest liberal news lie.

Both biased news stations are repellant to the truth. They just couldn’t air an interview without losing credibility by alleging that it was live, let alone any other “fake news” the network was pushing in the commentary. While they have been able to pull the wool over people’s eyes for years, discerning viewers wanting the truth are wise to their disguise now thanks to President Trump leading the charge against this type of media.

CNN could really change their acronym to mean Comedy News Network especially now after people got a good laugh at their “live” interview fauxpas.

It’s an insult to citizens’ intelligence to think they call pull these kinds of tricks and dishonesty and nobody will be able to tell, then hiding their own “fake news” by trying to point the finger at conservative outlets who are willing to tell the truth. It’s the don of a new news era now that we have a bold leader willing to call them out on their BS and people are waking up to the false reality that the mainstream media is pushing.

h/t: [GatewayPundit]

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