What did we learn from the mainstream media this entire past election cycle? Nothing, actually. We did learn a lot about them however – such as the fact that they were wrong about literally everything.

They were wrong about Trump as a serious candidate – they were wrong that he’d claim the Republican nomination – and they were wrong that he’d lose to Hillary Clinton. Not only that, the same people who were wrong about everything this election were also wrong about the consequences of the election, as the stock market has closed as record highs 11 times since Trump won the election.

And now it’s liberals trying to peddle hysteria about “fake news.” That’s ironic, coming from them. The real desire to squash “fake news” is to squash any news aside from theirs. They don’t like competition, because it reduces their ability to control the narrative. Little do they know, the main way people are retaliating against them? By keeping their TV off.

Look at the ratings of CNN and MSNBC, and you’ll see a sinking ship (and they have no one to blame but themselves). As Truthfeed reported:

Fox News is enjoying a sustained post-election ratings bounce, soundly beating its primary cable news competition.

Almost one month removed from the election, the channel is more than tripling CNN and MSNBC in total viewers in primetime, with Fox averaging 2.9 million viewers to CNN’s 960,000 and MSNBC’s 959,000, according to Nielsen Research.


Yup – Fox has more than DOUBLE! Talk about getting decimated.

It’s not hard to see why, when they’re the only network that actually bothers to tell the truth. For all the accusations of right-wing bias, when every network part of the mainstream media tries to make every story fit their liberal bias, people are searching for an alternative.

Their bias against Trump caused them to run stories that have been proven false time and time again, as you can see in the video below.

The mainstream media has no one to blame but themselves. Hopefully as Trump’s presidency continues, their influence only continues to fall even further. I think I speak for all of us when I say that I won’t be watching them.

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