CNN SCUMBAG Makes Incredibly Racist Remark About Black Gymnast Simone Biles

Simone Biles

The Olympics have shown us thus far how great American athletes are and the real meaning of the American dream. Simone Biles, Simone Manuel, Aly Raisman and Michael Phelps have absolutely dominated the Olympic stage bringing home gold medal after gold medal. They are nothing short of amazing.

Simone Biles has firmly cemented herself as probably the greatest gymnast of all time and the face of the sport of gymnastics. Preceding her was Shawn Douglas and Gabby Douglas. She has shown the diversity and greatness of America. Count me as one proud American because of her.

Biles earned herself the gold medal in all around gymnastics as well as the gold for the Individual competition. Twitter exploded, as well as other social media outlets, in praise for Biles. The praise was well deserved. But one person made a comment that has people talking, and not in a good way.

That person is Sally Kohn. She tweeted a reference to Simone Biles saying #BlackGirlMagic.

Biles win had nothing to do with her race. Her success was due to her hard work and her work ethic coupled with tenacity, drive, and passion. Imagine if a Michael Phelps fan posted a tweet that said #WhiteDudeMagic?! They would be railed as a privileged, white, racist. They would likely lose their social media privileges and get their account suspended.

This liberal logic seeks to dehumanize those who identify as minorities by making their accomplishments about race rather than their hard work and talent. That is the most racist thing one can possibly do. And by the party of people who are supposed to be the advocates of people of color. The hypocrisy is disgusting.

Simone Biles is a legend and will be talked about for decades to come no doubt. Because she is a badass. Not because she’s black.