WATCH What This SICK CNN Reporter Does While Watching Tortured White Boy Drink From Toilet

This nasty reporter didn’t know the camera caught her sick display, now it’s too late! One of CNN‘s despicable journalists was caught cackling with an ear to ear grin during Facebook’s live stream torture video of a disabled white Trump supporter!

Apparently, Ganim finds kidnapping and torture of a disabled man hilarious.

During her LIVE interview with hack Wolf Blitzer, the camera panned back to Sara sooner than she expected…BUSTED. She was caught laughing while viewing the vile, racist, hate-crime video.

And CNN wonders why no one takes them seriously?


See the footage below:

One would think that getting caught on live television acting heartless towards a victim of a hate crime would end your career!

However, there were many decent human beings, even some Democrats, who want Sara Ganim fired immediately.

A few came to Sara’s defense, saying that she was chuckling at something else behind the scenes while a torture video was being shown. Really? That’s the excuse they used? Frankly, that’s a little hard to believe, who makes jokes about something else while watching the scalping of a mentally challenged boy?!

Surely the studio staff wasn’t joking about the video or anything else while America was being shown footage of a disabled teen being beaten, cut with a knife, and tortured into a state of shock.

Sara may have been in the midst of a promising career as a professional journalist, but she now has a permanent black mark on her resume. CNN must address this issue or lose the little bit of credibility they have left.

So far, CNN has remained silent over the public outcry for the firing of Ganim. To make matters even worse the reporter has not attempted to defend her actions.

What a sick freak! Do you think she should be fired? What kind of ethical company would keep an employee this disturbed?

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