CNN Interview With Syrian Victim Goes Terribly Wrong When He Starts Bashing The Wrong President

CNN is known for leftists propaganda. The President always calls them out on their second rate journalism. Instead of giving fair and unbiased media they cater to a specific anti-Trump narrative. But in the wake of the recent chemical weapons attacks in Syria a CNN anchor spoke with a Syrian chemical weapons attack survivor who PRAISED the President and his swift response to the terrorist attack.

Watch the clip below,

This gentleman was a victim of a 2013 chemical weapons attack and he wasted no time in praising the President for launching tomahawk missiles at the Syrian airbase. The CNN anchor, Brooke Baldwin, was shocked to see the person they brought on to bash Trump was, in fact, one of his biggest supporters.

Baldwin tried to get the gentleman, Kassem Eid, to agree with her when she tried comparing the President’s tomahawk attack with his crackdown on refugee entrance into the United States. She even played a clip of Hillary Clinton saying the following,

we cannot speak of protecting Syria’s babies, and in the next breath close America’s doors to them.”

What she was trying to do was to get Eid to agree with her that the President is a hypocrite for launching missiles in retaliation for the deaths of innocent civilians at the hands of the Assad regime and his refusal to increase the number of refugees he brings into the United States. But Eid did not play into her hand and instead sung the Presidents praises.

Proves them wrong. This is a bipartisan issue that has received support from both sides of the aisle. Both Republicans and Democrats alike have agreed with the Presidents actions. People such as Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, John McCain, and Marco Rubio have made statements that either overtly or insidiously supported the Presidents actions.

CNN and their liberal media outlet counterparts are the only ones who don’t agree with the President taking action in Syria. It is time they hopped on board already.

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