After CNN Attacked Trump With Fake News Scandal, Instantly They Received A MASSIVE Dose Of Karma

Should CNN pull their reporter, Jim Acosta, off the future Trump events? The moment Acosta ran his mouth and wouldn’t stop being rude, is the moment he sent shares down the drain, hitting a session low.

Trump warned Acosta several times to not be rude and told him that he wasn’t getting a questions. Acosta pressured on, which is good to an extent, but at some point he should’ve shut up.

If Acosta was trying to trigger Trump into a quote, then he sure got one, except this came with a price. The sessions low for the Time Warner shares can’t bode well for people buying into the market.

What’s CNN’s next move with Acosta? Hold him off future Trump events? Tell him to close the trap when it’s not his turn to talk? Send him down to office duty and let him shred 30,000 Hillary emails from the DNC servers? Maybe send him to Russia as a spy so he can hangout while 4Chan members create another fake story for the mainstream media to run as a legit feature?

Here’s a compilation of Tweets and videos relevant to the Time Warner shares hitting rock bottom on the day Trump called CNN fake news.

Steve Kopack tells us about how the stocks dipped and shows his graph. You can see the apparent dip as it slides right down to hell like the Schlitterbahn waterslide in Kansas City. Right. Down. To. The. Bottom.

InfoWars reports – While the dip was just “1.2%,” Kopack asserted the incident showed the “power of Trump’s comments.”“Should be noted that the $TWX move was an approximately 1.2% or $1.10/share move total, but shows power of Trump comments,” Kopack added.During the press conference Trump also pointed to numerous other journalists in the crowd and similarly branded them as “fake news.”

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