BREAKING: CNN Gets DESTROYED On LIVE TV As Trump Rally Line Reaches Miles Long!

In the words of President Trump, CNN is fake news. He has publicly called them out for their misinformation on a national platform. They have historically had a tempestuous and acrimonious relationship at best. Now, pictures from social media of one of the President’s rallies shows the President was right all along about CNN and the rest of the mainstream liberal media.

Look here at the response some of the President’s rallies has gotten,

The mainstream liberal media tried showing pictures of the President’s inauguration that insinuated he had far smaller crowds than that of President Obama’s. Clearly, he was made very upset by this. In Sean Spicer’s first news conference he angrily described how the pictures perpetuated in the media by the likes of CNN were as false as the ones from President Obama’s inauguration were taken shortly before he began his speech while President Trump’s were taken in the early hours of the morning.

This is just one blatant example of the propaganda that CNN puts out there. These Twitter pictures of the President’s rally in Florida go to show that CNN is once again not reporting the truth. They are not reporting on the rallies or showing the pictures of how popular they are.

The event will take place in Melbourne, Florida at 5:00 p.m. Eastern standard time. The lines to get there are miles long. It is unknown if everyone will be able to see him and attend due to the large number of people. This is a prime example why Trump and his administration has little tolerance for the media. Especially CNN.

It is not that they have negative things to say about him but that they lie about the things he says and does in order to get people to read their work. That is what makes them purely fictionalized propaganda.

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