This CNN Host Calls Trump Voters Racist, Gets DROP Kicked On Live TV – WATCH

If you were hoping for a Mike Tyson caliber knock out, then I have to say this might be a little bit better, if not then almost as good.

Here’s a democrat getting verbally knocked out by a republican. He’s out for the count after this and I’m shocked he didn’t sue her for abuse.

This is Van Jones, who might be racist, and he’s talking trash on American voters who preferred Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. He claims it was a “whitelash” because it was directed against our black Obama. Must be all those voters rights that come with the white privs.


He’s another example of how liberals and democrats make no sense.

Voting for Donald Trump is not a “whitelash” and the phrase, as he used it, makes no sense. It makes no sense because Hillary is white too. In technicality, any vote for Donald or Hillary, both white people, can be considered a “whitelash,” but in all honesty, Van Jones is just an idiot trying for his few moments of fame with an absurd comment. We can see right through this guy because liberal minds at CNN are usually empty.

YesImRight reports – Van Jones, former White House advisor and now a CNN talking head, spoke, on election night, about how Trump’s victory was a “whitelash” meaning a backlash by white people against a black President. He made headlines and liberals across the country shared his video.This on its face was a ridiculous assertion, as both candidates were white, and I sincerely doubt he’d be saying anything like that if Hillary won. It’s simply because Van Jones is repeating the tired accusation that Trump supporters are all racists. Yeah, real original.Now, it seems that he doubled down on his “whitelash” comments in a new segment, but didn’t expect to get taken out by Mary Matalin, a Republican political consultant. She demands he take back his divisive comments and calls him out for his privileged upbringing. It’s absolutely vicious, and I can’t stop cheering.

Mary Matalin OWNED Van Jones. He needs to “check his privileged” as the liberals and democrats would say to anyone who has most likely worked hard to get where they’re at.

Sometimes you’re lucky and born into a rich family, or they’re really good at singing/acting, but still turn into a crackhead like Lindsay Lohan and Whitney Houston. Heck, you don’t even need drugs to be a crackhead these days. Now with a liberal mindset, you can be anything you want to be. Miley Cyrus identifies with being a crackhead and we’re still waiting for her to pack her bags and leave America like she said she would do.

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