Sally Cohn- a Washington Post columnist and CNN political commentator, has some words of enlightenment for well-meaning but misguided white folk regarding the Ferguson circus and the black contribution to it. So she wrote an explanation for all white people who “somehow feels hopelessly polarized in a racially polarized debate. It doesn’t have to be that way.”

She has the answers that most whites aren’t smart- or guilty enough- to glean.

Cohn says in the Washington Post-

“When black people are protesting in Ferguson and across America, they’re not protesting against white people. Maybe this seems obvious, but it’s worth stating. In fact, in the case of Ferguson, the protests weren’t (primarily) about one white cop. Black communities are ultimately protesting systems of injustice and inequality that structurally help white people while systematically harming black people. Just because you’re white and therefore generally benefit from those systems doesn’t mean you inherently support those systems — or need to defend them. Benefiting from white privilege is automatic. Defending white privilege is a choice.

[B]ut still, in some part of your brain, if you imagine that wouldn’t happen to you even if you were black, it means you believe something other than race is to blame for all those statistics and studies — which can only boil down to some rationalization of inherent superiority on your part. And then you’ve just shown exactly what privilege is and why black folks feel the need to assert their basic humanity. See how easy it is to reinforce white privilege, even unintentionally?”

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According to Cohn- whites are inherently racist who must actively fight against their inner natures.

Cohn’s white guilt is embarrassingly out of control. Notice Cohn’s line of emotionalism- it can’t be values, attitudes or behaviors that are responsible for success or failure in America. Success and failure are predicated or determined- in the corrupted mind of the guilty white liberal, on race. Anyone who thinks that embracing the requisite values needed to achieve any socio-economic success while staying on the right side of the law means “you believe something other than race is to blame for all those statistics” which is “some rationalization of inherent superiority on your part.”

For libs, it’s always about race. Not values; race.

Cohn actually argues that if anyone thinks that race can be transcended by values- you know, like Rev. Martin Luther King taught- is guilty of “rationalizing superiority.”

Again… the mind of a guilty white liberal.

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