Coffee Shop Owner Puts ‘Offensive’ Message On Sign, Gets A Whole Lot More Than He Bargained For

A little coffee shop called CUPS Coffee & Tea that’s located in Roanoke, Virginia has gone crazy viral for placing an offensive sign outside their shop.

The sign displays prices for coffee, but they’re not the normal prices you see. A small cup of coffee for me is cheaper than it might be for you.


Because if you’re rude in this man’s coffee shop, then you’re paying a high price. It’s basically an extra charge for having no manners. If you’re a pleasant customer who has nice manners and treats people well, then your coffee is cheap!

Of course some people threw a temper tantrum. Not as bad as the people in Milwaukee who rioted when a known criminal was shot by a black cop, but the attitude about the sign was just as unnecessary.

The sign is only offensive to people who are guilty of the behavior that the sign is charging extra for.

If you’re a jerk of a customer, then you’re going to pay more for a cup of coffee. Be nice, pay less. It wouldn’t hurt for us to be nice to each other once in a while. It might even put us in a good mood.


US Herald – The coffee shop’s owner Austin Simms explained that he never meant to get so much attention when he originally wrote the message on his sandwich board sign outside his coffee shop, CUPS Coffee & Tea in Roanoke, Virginia. Simms had grown tired with a certain type of behavior that he continued to see more and more of in modern society, so he decided to act and try to put a stop to it or at least keep it out of his store.

Simms reportedly put the sign out on Sunday and by Wednesday his shop was swarming with cameramen from multiple news stations looking to get the word out about the viral sign.

That’s a great sign with a wonderful message. We SHOULD be nicer to each other. A little bit of nice goes further than a lot of mean, that’s for sure.

Keep spreading the good vibes around the world and we will certainly benefit from it.

Of course, if Black Lives Matter could understand what it’s like to be nice and do things that encourage a positive change, instead of throwing temper tantrums, blocking traffic, and burning down stores, then we’d see an influential change there too.

Think about it.

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