Coffee Shop Owner Puts ‘Offensive’ Message On Sign, Gets A Whole Lot More Than He Bargained For

In at least one coffee shop, they’re serving up more than just a delicious cup of joe. This coffee house in Roanoke is delivering a lesson in manners along with the caffeinated beverage of your choice.

The owner of this particular establishment decided that he’d had enough of rude and insensitive customers, so he made a bold move and put out a sign to let everyone know that rudeness would cause an extra charge.  He was obviously unconcerned about who might be offended by him. It was kind of a “my house, my rules” situation. If people didn’t like it, well that would be their problem, but he didn’t at all expect the reaction from those in his community. Soon the whole town was buzzing with talk of his humble sign. Someone posted it on the internet, where it promptly went viral.

The sign reads,

“‘One small coffee’ — $5.00,”

“‘One small coffee, please’ — $3.00”

“‘Hello, I’d like one small coffee please’ — $1.75.”

Via US Herald:

Simms reportedly put the sign out on Sunday and by Wednesday his shop was swarming with cameramen from multiple news stations looking to get the word out about the viral sign.

Owner Austin Simms, says that he didn’t mean to garner that much attention, he just put the sign outside of his shop, CUPS Coffee & Tea in Roanoke, Virgina in an effort to create a more manners-conscious clientele. His decision to charge rude people more and give a discount to the polite customers is rooted not only in his effort to keep his establishment polite but to try and make a difference in society in general. Simms says that he believes modern society is declining in basic manners, and he hopes actions like his will at least slow it down.

In a time when face to face contact has been abandoned for facebook and politeness can’t even be offered to our police, I think we need more establishments like CUPS Coffee & Tea. If kindness and morals can’t motivate people to do the right thing, maybe their pocket books can.

(Source: US Herald)

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