Col. Allen West Takes the Gloves Off and Issues Epic Response to Muslims Who Hate Chris Kyle

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From the Conservative Tribune: A large number of Muslim college students greatly resent the blockbuster hit film “American Sniper,” so they keep trying to stop their respective schools from playing this incredible film on their campuses.

Sometimes their antics work, and sometimes they don’t. In the case of the University of Maryland, the university announced this past week plans to postpone indefinitely an upcoming screening of the film due to Muslim student protests.

This cancellation angered many Americans, but perhaps not as much as it angered Lt. Col. Allen West, who finds the attitude of these sorts of Muslim students to be utterly repugnant — and extraordinarily revealing.

“If they stand for freedom, liberty, and democracy, they should not be offended,” West wrote in regard to those Muslims students who claim that “American Sniper” perpetuates Islamophobia and dehumanizes Muslims.

The fact is that this breathtaking film depicts the brave actions of deceased Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who eliminated countless Islamic terrorists during his tours in Iraq.

Now why would these Muslim students find his actions to be offensive? He killed terrorists. Furthermore, he killed terrorists who themselves killed and terrorize Muslims, as West astutely noted.

“Is it offensive to these Muslim students that ISIS, the reconstituted al-Qaida in Iraq, is now driving Muslims from their homes in Ramadi?” he asked.

Probably not, argued West, because these Muslim students are part of the Muslim Student Association, which itself “is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, which is affiliated with Hamas and supports Islamic terrorism and jihadism.”

“So maybe the gist of all this is that these Muslim students are upset to see the story of a heroic American who fought against their compatriot jihadist brothers,” West wrote.

The premise he’s driving at is that these Muslim students find “American Sniper” to be offensive because they secretly support radical Islam.

And thus they not surprisingly — given that radical Islam is all about domination and control — see nothing wrong with demanding that others not watch the film.

The bad news for them is that patriots like Allen West won’t allow this to happen.

“Your time is running out, as we will not tolerate the intolerant for much longer,” West roared on his blog.

“You will be crushed and defeated, because in America we just don’t take crap for too long — regardless of the complicit bond you’ve found with progressive socialists — stretching from the White House to the College and University campuses — Islamic fascism will not prevail in these great United States of America.”

You got that right.

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