Col. Allen West Was Told By Major University That He Cannot Say These Two Words About Terrorists

Would you believe that there are two words that even a  a Lieutenant Colonel can’t say about Islamic terrorism? Welcome to Obama’s America, where Orwellian Newspeak is the norm.

As we all know, ISIS stands for “ISLAMIC State of Iraq and Syria” – and yet Obama assures us that “ISIS is not Islamic.” Not only such such a comment cause your head to turn, I’m sure ISIS would be absolutely shocked to learn the news.

Obama maintains that it doesn’t matter if he uses the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” so long as he’s able to destroy the threat he won’t bother to name appropriately. Well, he hasn’t been able to do that – clearly. In fact, the rise of ISIS came JUST AFTER we pulled out of Iraq.

Source: Unbiased America

PC madness has gotten so out of control that Allen West – a man who actually fought in the Iraq War, can’t use the phrase “radical Islam.” As he wrote on his website

As posted at the YAF website, This week an administrator at Saint Louis University (SLU) informed students organizing a YAF-sponosred lecture by Lt. Col. Allen West they were not allowed to use the words “radical Islam” on any advertisements for the event.

The administrator also claimed West, who is a veteran of both Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, does not “have experience with radical Islam.”

These comments were made after students submitted event flyers for approval and campus officials rejected their design due to the inclusion of the words “radical Islam.”

Yes – the man who fought radical Islam can’t use the phrase “radical Islam” in a speech. Let’s just review the man’s record even more: He served 22 years active service in the United States Army, including combat tours of duty in the First Persian Gulf conflagration and commanding a Battalion in Operation Iraqi Freedom. After retiring, he spent two and a half years in Afghanistan as a civilian/military advisor to the Afghan Army, based in Kandahar — the place that was the capitol of the Taliban.

He knows a hell of a lot more about radical Islamic terrorism than those silencing him – and that’s probably what scares them.


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