Just in time for President Obama’s return to the United State, Islamic State animals on Sunday released a video showing the beheaded body of an American citizen for the third time this year.

The victim this time was Peter Kassig, a former Army Ranger who went from fighting Islamic terrorists to trying to help Muslims in Syria.

His thanks was more than a year in captivity in Muslim lands and a brutal murder at Islamist hands.

“This is the hardest thing a man can go through,” Kassig wrote to friends in the United States last month. “The stress and fear are incredible.”

Surprisingly enough, his conversion to Islam in captivity didn’t deter his killers.

According to CNN and other outlets, the video doesn’t show the actual beheading, but its aftermath, with the head severed from the body. The victim hasn’t been confirmed to be Kassig yet.

It also shows the beheading of about 60 Syrian soldiers, according to CNN. (Good Muslims all, no doubt.)

Meanwhile, Obama returned to Washington from an Asian trip on Sunday. Since the president’s schedule is known to every journalist, news junkie and 72-virgin-crazed jihadist the world over, it’s unlikely the timing was coincidental. The Islamic State savages wanted to make sure Obama was on home ground to give him maximum opportunities to embarrass himself.

The president, remember, covered himself in shame in September, when he announced the beheading of American photojournalist James Foley then was photographed yukking it up on the golf course moments later.

He’s unlikely to repeat the performance this time around though, but not out of grace, or class, or concern for a fellow citizen.

It’s pretty cold in Washington these days.

Check out the Latest News report here.  (Note: Video does NOT show Kassig’s beheading.)

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