Colin Kaepernick Doubles Down on STUPIDITY: “Police Are Getting Paid Leave To Kill”

How do you know Colin Kaepernick is going to say something stupid? His lips are moving.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback rightly generated outrage when he refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance, with the justification that he wouldn’t stand to pledge to a country that “oppresses black people.” Here’s just a look at the kind of oppression Kaepernick, who was adopted and raised by two white parents, suffers today.


Think he’d be A-OK with Feruguson-style justice, whereas rioters would burn down his estate to rage against “the system”? Yeah – I doubt it too.

I’m sure he felt so bad about the blacks being oppressed that he was in Louisiana helping them as they suffer from flooding – or speaking out against gang violence in other communities like those in Detroit and Baltimore.

It truly is outrageous when someone who gets paid millions of dollars ($19 million a year, to be specific) and enjoys the freedom not to stand up for the National Anthem and while our veterans were paid less and sacrificed more defending that same freedom.

Now, after his nonsensical comments about oppression, he’s made yet another unfounded statement about police… that they’re apparently being paid to kill.

Via 100 Percent Fed Up

Want to know why police officers who shoot suspects are given paid leave? Because we actually have to investigate the circumstances of the shooting, we can’t just rush to judgement based on feelings like Kaepernick and his ilk in the Black Lives Matter movement do. And in most cases, the officer is found innocent, because contrary to BLM’s defiance of common sense, police don’t just wake up in the morning thinking “who can I shoot today?”

So suppose we didn’t pay officers during their suspensions for hte investigation. In those cases where the officer was found to be justified, wouldn’t we want him to receive back-pay for the pay he lost during an investigation that found him innocent? I believe the answer is “duh.”

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