Colin Kaepernick’s Fellow Athletes Let Him Know How They Feel About His Stance on National Anthem

Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers has received immense backlash after refusing to stand for the national anthem at a pre season game. He insisted it was because of the oppression of African Americans in the United States. Now teammates, ex teammates and other NFL players aren’t too pleased with his behavior and are speaking out. Justifiably so.

Chris Butler tweeted,

“If Roger Goodell had any stones he’d issue a lifetime ban for Colin Kaepernick! #Wouldn’tHappenInHockey.”

Aubrey Huff tweeted,

“This guy is a joke. Get lost. You don’t like it in a country that has given you opportunity to succeed? Then get out.”

Chad Johnson tweeted,

“I don’t have any thoughts on his personal decisions boss, I love everybody no matter what.”

Tyler Polumbus said,

“Activists changed USA for better but have to associate Nat Anthem w/ military that die for ur right to protest. Stand up. Find another way.”

Adrian Clayborn said,

“The easy thing to do is to make fun of Kap and his play. How about trying to understand where he’s coming from….but that would be too hard.”

Tyler Reifert posted a picture of a jet to Instagram with the following post,

“Pretty cool picture! My big cuz took a bengals flag up on a mission in hostile territory. But, thanks for defending the flag that really matters, even for the people who don’t appreciate it! ??”

Clearly the public has spoken and even those who sympathize and understand Kaepernick’s position are denouncing his behavior. Because, of course they should. His behavior is embarrassing, shameful and disgusting. He has a $144 million dollar six year contract with his team yet he whines about the oppression of African Americans. That’s some mighty it hypocrisy right their.

He has not made any further statements on the matter other than to say he will continue to sit out the anthem.

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