Hey Colin: I’m Pretty Sure This Video Proves Black People Are NOT Being Oppressed Anymore, Bruh …

Many people have criticized Colin Kaepernick for speaking out about the oppression of African Americans when he makes millions of dollars every year as a black man.

A rap music video was found depicting African-American rapper Plies his morning routine celebration in which he is quoted as saying, “rich n–a shit.” This might just put a kink in Kaepernick’s accusations.

If the lives of African-American men are so terrible why is it an African-American man such as the one in the video become so ridiculously wealthy. Some might say it’s because neither of the men mentioned are in the least bit oppressed. Whether growing up in the upper class or lower class.

Many conservatives argue that no such barriers of oppression in which something is willfully and knowingly being taken from someone for African-Americans. Whether it’s these two men Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, or Mike Brown.

Unfortunately, acts of police shooting innocent people do happen but they happen to all races. Such as the white man who was deaf and recently shot by police. Or the physical therapist who put his arms up and was shot in the street anyways.

An open letter to Colin Kaepernick was reported on Downtrend saying,

“Dear Colin,

You and your people are not oppressed, dickhead. Sometimes shit happens to ya’ll, but guess what — shit happens to everyone, and black folks are by no means the only Americans who must cope with poverty, unemployment, crime, health complications, physical handicaps, mental retardation, etc.

Every time you and yours claim otherwise, however, you all do nothing more than make everyone else in the country that much less sympathetic to ya’lls plights, because the last thing the rest of America wants to hear is that we don’t have problems — that only the special unicorns known as black people know what it feels like to experience hard times.

Guess what. Everyone has suffered in some way or another, and this insinuation that the tribulations of blacks somehow trumps those of everyone else”

Pretty well said.



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