After Liberal College Bans ‘Offensive American Flag’ THOUSANDS of Veterans Storm The Campus (VIDEO)

Liberals are still foaming at the mouth weeks after Donald Trump’s victory, and the insanity is more prevalent no where more than college campuses. I’m starting to believe that we’ve raised a generation of students who get PTSD from existing.

What justifies a “trigger warning” and a “safe space” at this point seems to encompass all of reality. And I’m not joking. The American flag is enough to sent a liberal college student mad these days, and faculty are accommodating this insanity. At Hampshire College following the presidential election, they had lowered the flag to half-staff (as if there had just been a freaking national tragedy), which naturally offended veterans and some community members.

Then someone set it on fire the night before Veterans Day, prompting even more “harsh criticism. As a result, the college’s President told students that “we will not fly the U.S. flag or any other flags at Hampshire for the time being.”

Why are we accommodating insanity and delusion? College students are paying customers I suppose, so perhaps that’s why faculty is quick to cater to their insane whims. Either that, or they’re insane leftists themselves (and I’m thinking it’s a little mixture of both). Luckily, the rest of the world is still insane, and thousands of veterans came to protest.

As Fox News reported:

Around 1,000 veterans gathered at a western Massachusetts college Sunday to protest the school’s decision to stop flying all flags, including U.S. flags, after students allegedly burned a flag in protest of Donald Trump’s election victory.

The station reported that hundreds all over the New England region joined the protest, including Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno. He stood with the veterans as well.

“For the students here and the president and board of trustees have risen from what the veterans sacrificed, this flag and not to fly the flag on this campus if you were in some other countries around the world it would be handled very, very differently,” Sarno said.

Other veterans and demonstrators were heard chanting “U.S.A.,”

Watch below:

These kids don’t realize how lucky they are to be to live in America. Only in this country would they even have the freedom to disrespect their own country in the way they are.

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