College Kids Throw Fit Over Trump’s First 100 Days, Watch Their PATHETIC Response When They Learn It Was REALLY Obama’s

Campus Reform just pranked liberals into the most hilarious form of stupidity. This is literally a political prank that is on par with crazy actions from people like Bam Margera and Johnny Knoxville. No one does a crazy stunt-filled with action and danger, but these nerdy pranksters are up to no good and this is just as fun to watch.

People from Campus Reform set out on a mission to ask people what they thought about President Trump’s first 100 days in office. That’s a milestone that people talk about for every President as if it’s some sort of history making number that matters. It doesn’t, but it’s good for ratings and discussion.

When the people from Campus Reform asked people what they thought about the policies and actions of President Trump, they actually used the accomplishments (eh…) of former President Obama. They would ask what people thought of something Obama did but pretended it was by Trump during his first 100 days in the White House.

Not only did the liberal students NOT know that this was NOT information relevant to President Trump, but they also BASHED it as though it was done by the worst American President to ever exist.

Do we need any more proof that today’s liberals are suffering from a widespread case of being unintelligent, out of touch, and quite frankly (I love that word) – really damn stupid?

Watch and learn.

Via Campus Reform:

While supporters of President Trump point to his slew of executive orders and the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch as markers of his success, detractors claim Mr. Trump has accomplished very little since taking office.

Throughout the year, Campus Reform has shown how liberal professors and students across America have been quick to oppose the President’s actions—often without understanding important details about them.

Hoping to tease out whether such reflexive opposition to Trump is based on policy disagreements or simply distaste for Trump himself, Campus Reform headed to George Mason University to ask students their opinions about the first 100 days.

Except, the “Trump accomplishments” we referenced were actually all things President Obama had done during his first 100 days in office.

This was a classic time to shock the world with how little the liberals actually know. When college students react to these questions with their nauseating and unintelligent replies, it’s obvious the liberal household doesn’t teach their kids much of anything. It’s apparent that the liberals aren’t paying full attention to the world around them. Some of the questions are fairly obvious, but it seems like those folks responding are programmed to automatically hate and trash anything that President Trump does. Is that an exact reason why Trump won in the first place? These folks are so closed minded that they’re not even paying attention to the question or know that they’ve been tricked into trashing their former democrat President.

Would they agree with the actions because they were actually liberal policies enacted by President Obama, or would they shoot them down because of their perceived association with Donald Trump?.

We quickly discovered that the students we spoke with were quick to voice their displeasure with the “accomplishments” we told them about, no matter how liberal they really were.

When disguised as something Donald Trump did, for instance, what did students think of President Obama’s “Apology Tour?”

Why, that’s “dangerous” and “overstepping his bounds,” they cried.

For them to think Trump would ever go on an “apology tour” means they have paid absolutely zero attention to the Don. This means they have no clue who he is, what he represents, how much he Tweets, or understand the fact that there will not ever be a day when Trump goes on an apology tour to say sorry for things he didn’t even do. Obama did that. Obama didn’t have to do that.

What about Obama’s stimulus package?

When credited to Trump, they found the idea reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

You’ve got to be kidding me! FINALLY, the conservatives and right wingers have justice! Thank you, dummy college liberals, for pointing out that you don’t know jack! Thank you for pointing out that your democrat dictator, captain Barry himself, was the one who actually mimicked things we don’t like to think about because of how horrible they were.

And President Obama’s order to loosen statute of limitation laws to make lawsuits easier?

That’s just a secret ploy to make Trump more money.

Gotta make the money to pay the bills for those fancy overpriced Hawaii tours, right! What kind of golf club is Barack swinging these days?

Let’s all take a moment to think about what just happened in this video and realize that this isn’t a left vs right battle. This is more like the intelligent people vs the rather less than. You mustn’t be a rocket scientist to formulate your opinion of this video and what transpired.

You just need a few bits of common sense and some logic to realize the battle is already won, we’re just flicking fleas in the fire at this point.

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