College Marching Band Protests Nat’l Anthem, Fans in the Stands Boo During Halftime

Just about a month ago, asshat Colin Kaepernick sat on his butt during the National Anthem. Then he started taking a knee when it played. His disgraceful actions have spread throughout the NFL and other professional sports as well as colleges, high schools and elementary schools. Many sports now have members pulling this crap.

Fans and America in general are not pleased over this. A massive boycott ensued and attendance and viewings of the NFL are way, way down. Yet, they still don’t get it. Their ratings have plummeted and rightly so. A few coaches have stood up and told their players to knock it off, but not many. Most are supporting it. Heck, the NFL commissioner is all for it. It’s just disgusting.

From The Federalist Papers Project:

The school quickly backed the students, releasing a statement:

“While we acknowledge and understand the disappointment felt by many Pirate fans in response to the events at the beginning of today’s football game, we urge all Pirate students, supporters and participants to act with respect for each other’s views.

Civil discourse is an East Carolina value and part of our ECU creed. We are proud that recent campus conversations on difficult issues have been constructive, meaningful exchanges that helped grow new understanding among our campus community.

East Carolina will safeguard the right to free speech, petition and peaceful assembly as assured by the U.S. Constitution.”

But later on, during halftime, the fans let the team know exactly what they thought of the marching band’s antics:

Members of East Carolina University’s marching band decided to take a knee during the National Anthem. The fans booed them long, hard and loudly. It was impressive and dare I say, way more than appropriate. Americans are sick of this racist anti-police, anti-military, anti-America bull crap. It’s also not wise of ECU to cite the Constitution and the First Amendment when what they are doing is so blatantly anti-American.

Folks, these were the home team fans booing the band members. They are ticked. Maybe these kids should think twice before teaming with the likes of Colin Kaepernick and the Black Lives Matter radicals. I doubt this controversy is going to go away any time soon… in fact, if it keeps up, we may have a full-fledged race war in our streets and civil unrest nationally. It’s definitely Obama’s America these days.







A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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