College Obama Attended DESECRATED Triggering 9/11 Commemorating Flags!

Ever be so detached from reality that the mere sight of the American Flag sent you into a frenzy? Such is the sad reality among this generation of college students, appropriately deemed the “special snowflake” generation.

The fifteenth anniversary of September 11th was yesterday, and the Left wouldn’t let any tragedy go to waste without trying to make it about them. “Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed tweeted out a post about Islamophobia, Black Lives Matter disrupted a commemoration to protest….. for Muslims, and thousands of various Twitter users lamented the fact that we mourn the lives lost on September 11th, but not those lost due to racism. The motto of Black Lives Matter should be “If we can’t make it about us, it doesn’t matter at all.”

The most ridiculous act this 9/11 anniversary was a direct act of disrespect to the victims and their families. At Occidental College, 2,977 small American Flags were planted in memory of the 2,977 who lost their lives. And how did the liberal students there react?

As Truth Revolt reported: Nothing is sacred to disgraceful social justice warriors, who on Saturday desecrated 2,977 American flags

The incident happened at Occidental College after students who planted the American flags in honor of 9/11 victims “found them uprooted and thrown in campus garbage cans,” reports the CollegeFix.

“Every last flag. Some were even snapped in half.”

The reason given by at least three students in the report? The flags were “triggering.” The Fix provides details about the flag desecration and how campus SJWs circulated fliers about the bombing of “innocent” Iraqis.

Boo hoo. I hate to break it to these lunatics, but when you live in America, you should expect to see the American flag quite often. That’s never going to change. If you don’t like it, we’d all appreciate it if you actually follow through on those threats to move to Canada in the event of a Donald Trump victory this November.

Luckily, sanity actually prevailed in this situation (a rarity on college campuses, for sure), and a number of students (even those who weren’t affiliated with the conservative club who set up the display) helped re-plant those flags.

The college has a history of far-left activism, and was even attended by none other than President Barack Obama for two years. Think he would’ve participated in that act of “protest” had he attended today? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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