College Opens America’s FIRST Anti-Terrorist, On-Campus Shooting Range! LIBERAL HEADS EXPLODE!

Considering the fact that President Obama has done little to quench the threat of domestic and international terrorism Americans have had to find others ways to feel safe and protect themselves. All of the United States is threatened due to radical Islamic terrorism and refusing to call it that doesn’t change it. What Liberty University is doing to combat terrorism will warm your heart.

They have chosen to open the nations first anti terrorist on campus shooting range. It is a conservative evangelical Christian campus in Ohio. This comes right after the November 28th terrorist attack by Ohio State University student Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s who took a machete and stabbed innocent civilians after running them ove with a car.

It is expected that the gun range will showcase several different shotgun ranges. Specifically, it should feature a 100, 200, and 300 yard rifle range. Already, thirty different universities in america own outdoor shooting facilities located on off campus property.

Liberty University president Falwell stated the following the Christian Post

This is one of the examples of how Liberty is unique and different.”

The college would have been the first university in the United States that has nationally recognized gun ranges that meet both the NRA and NCAA guidelines standards. Which is something they can promote for recruitment purposes in the application process.

It is expected to come in late 2017. Founder Jordan Stein of the Liberty for Gun Rights organization on campus said the following to a reporter for the Christian Post.

Liberty has a strong passion for the Second Amendment and a great respect for firearms. It will continue that tradition and teach how to responsibly use firearms and to responsibly use them for good and the defense of others.”

As they say, the best way to prevent gun violence is to teach proper gun safety. BEcause if you know how to use a gun you can protect yourself from any threat. Unlike a knife or another person you can disarm a gun. This could very well give students and young adults the confidence they need to feel safe while we are under threat of terrorism.

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