College President Set Things Straight With Hillary, Her Education Plan Is TOTAL BULLS**T…[VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton’s new tuition free university plan is only marginally different than Bernie Sanders, whose a socialist. A Professor from Trinity Washington University has spoken out on why Hillary’s plan is so ludicrous.

Patricia McGuire who is the President of Trinity Washington appeared on Fox and Friends to dispel the idea that Hillary’s plan could actually work. She told the news anchors,

“Trinity, like many small, private universities, educates a substantial percentage of low-income students. Why would you leave out some of the school that are doing the best work with low-income students who have been on the margins of education. It doesn’t make any sense. 

Don’t leave out the low-income students who are thriving in the women’s colleges, the Catholic colleges, the religiously-affiliated, the private, historically black colleges and universities, the art schools and music schools. All of these students deserve the opportunity to have the same kind of benefits that students in public schools have.”

Do not discriminate against students who go to private colleges.”

She pointed out that approximately eighty percent of her college students receive federal pell grants. As well, the majority have a family median income of $25,000 a year. She worries that money that is funded to private universities for scholarships and grants will be redirected towards public universities by the federal U.S. government.

Personally, as a private university graduate I take issue with that. I’m sure all my classmates would agree.

Giving stuff out for free is never a good idea in the sense it doesn’t give people a sense of responsibility to provide for themselves. But their are extenuating factors such as these that could have tremendously negative impacts. Such as a decline in people attending private universities. What happens when young adults decided only to attend public schools? How far will the unemployment rate drop? How will the government pay for all those educations?

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