College Student Who Perpetrated Rape Hoax Has Smug Smile Wiped Off Her Face By Tough Judge

Back in November threats were made on Twitter that targeted African-American students at New Jersey’s Kean University by a student. However, after an investigation took place authorities found out the person responsible for the cyber threats was a young black woman herself, Kayla McKelvey who also attended the school.

The social media threats weren’t a coincidence because at the same time there was a student rally focused on increasing racial issues. McKelvey thought by making threats on Twitter it would draw more attention and support for the cause.

Approximately $82,000 was spent by the Department of Homeland Security and local law enforcement trying to figure out who was behind see Twitter threats. Numerous student skipped class and at one point there were calls for the resignation of university President Dawood Farah over the so called hate.

McKelvey went to court and was charged with the maximum sentence for her crimes – 90 days behind bars – as well as a few added benefits. She is required to be on probation for five years and complete 100 hours of community service. Also, she has mandatory anger management and counseling.


Judge Robert Mega called the woman’s behavior,

“a selfish plan of hate that created terror and mayhem and put her classmates, school, and police officers at risk.”

To top it off she is required to repay the $82,000 she cost the government.

A Right Wing News writer said it best,

“It’s going to be a long while before this girl is going to be able to rebuild her character and gain trust again. Her selfish, arrogant decision has cost her more than I think she knows right now. This is going to be an ugly burden to carry for a very long time…far past completing her physical and financial consequences. Imagine how many more, just like her, are out there creating such fraudulent claims. Scumbags.”


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