Watch What Immediately Happens When A Doped Up College Student Notices What Trump Supporter Is Holding

Liberals have been actively attempting to make fools of themselves for years now, but never have the efforts been as concentrated or the results as successful as in the months following the election of Donald Trump. The extreme left has given themselves a pass to act in any way they want, calling it “the resistance” and justifying their efforts by saying it’s because President Trump is some kind of Hitler-esque monster that is going destroy the world.

None seem so overt as college students with their safe spaces, white allyship and general contempt for anything even moderately non-liberal. These whiny little brats have finally seen their opening to act like the overindulged, petulant and emotionally stunted children that they have always wanted an excuse to be. I realize that not every liberal has given in to their inner turmoil in this way, but those who haven’t seem to be content to let the loud mouths do the talking for them, and it’s really giving the party of tolerance quite the bad rep. Or maybe it’s an appropriate reputation, considering that they’re tolerating a complete breakdown of civilized behavior.

If you’re concerned that I’m overstating the problem, here’s an example of what the left is considering acceptable “resistance” activity. For the record, I’m not sure this falls into the category of peaceful protest. I don’t feel very peaceful when I have to listen to it.

Via Louder With Crowder:

The anti-Trump meltdown has become its own genre of blog post (see The Young Turks Post-Election Meltdown and Top 5 Anti-Trump Feminist Meltdowns). But this one from Western Washington University is fun to watch, makes you uncomfortable, then it’s fun again. If you’re still in bed, let this lady wake you up to the sound of seventy glass breaking sirens.

‘Right here on the Western Washington campus, she’s going nuts with a Trump sign—she doesn’t like the Trump sign. She’s anti-Trump,’ preacher Eric Bostrom can be heard explaining in the video, holding a sign that reads ‘Trump: Borders, Laws, Jobs, Liberty, USA,’ and another intentionally-obtrusive sign containing shocking bible verses about judgement.

In the video, Bostrom claims that the woman screaming is ‘an art major,’ and at one point in the video another woman who appears to be an administrator runs into the shot to ask the student if she is alright, to which the student replies ‘call the police, b***.’

The people coming to help her really sells things, especially the look on their faces when they realize why Screamy McScreamerson was screaming. Because contrary to popular liberal opinion, shrieking as if ISIS has lit you up like a flambé isn’t warranted over a giant sign with words. Shrieking is warranted for imminent danger, bodily harm, or hearing Amy Schumer. Not a sign with words. But we can be grateful she’s at least able to read. Little things.

There is a chance Bansheepuff is all performance art. This fits perfectly into an easily triggered, anti-Trump nutjob on a college campus stereotype.

More seriously, what will happen to Bansheepuff if she’s actually in danger? Will anyone run to help her, or just assume she saw a Pepe the Frog sticker on a lamppost?

Diaper wads like this woman is why Trump won, by the way.”

The comments on the video are hilarious. Check this out.

Mary Tompkins: She just wrote her resume. Who would in their right mind HIRE her? Can you imagine working with her and having a different viewpoint on a project or subject. Who would claim her as a daughter?


Debra Holm: Bwahaha welcome to our world without God – Demonic manifestations when they don’t get their way – no coping skills whatsoever.

Kathy Goins Schreiber: This idiot is making a complete fool of herself. There are other things she could have done to show she didn’t like Trump but then again she is a moron.

Rykuo Conge: Send the priest or divination experts because she literally have signs of being possessed. In JESUS mighty name, …Satan!!!!! Leave her.

All of this is crazy. Crazy that adults are allowed to act like they have no control over their own actions, and crazy that we just have to accept it. These enraged people are like toddlers who are going to make everyone’s lives as miserable as possible till they get what they want. In fact, if a kid were doing this, the parents would be asked to get them in hand, but since it’s an adult who should know better, and by her own admission is “cool” it’s ok, that’s somehow freedom of speech.

It’s very telling how rude she is to the people who are concerned for her welfare. There were at least two very concerned women who wanted to make sure she was ok, and she was extremely rude. Did anyone ever think that letting activity like this get out of hand just encourages other people to lose all self-control? And do you know what happens when people don’t have self-control? They end up with someone else controlling them, like the government. Best case scenario, we end up with a big crop of people in prison. Worse case, the liberal leadership that is letting this go to seed uses it as an excuse to put us under martial law, or some other extremely freedom-free societal guidelines.

(Source: Louder With Crowder)

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