COLLUSION! WikiLeaks Email Shows CNN Polls Leaked To Clinton Campaign

The Hillary campaign is so screwed.

Today they suffered their latest casualty as Donna Brazile’s employment at CNN was terminated. Her crime? As we learned from Wikileaks, she had released questions to Hillary Clinton ahead of her CNN town-hall with Bernie Sanders. Initially we only knew that one question was leaked, and as the Wikileaks dump continued, we learned that it was multiple questions.

Even that was too much for the Clinton News Network, which puts in perspective just how serious this was. It’s ironic that the Hillary campaign will accuse Donald Trump of being a “threat to democracy” for calling the election rigged, when all the evidence shows that the Democrats were more than happy to rig the election against Bernie. Think they would do the same to Trump? Duh.

Well, as we just learned from Wikileaks, it wasn’t just townhall questions that were leaked to Hillary Clinton from CNN.

As Hannity reported:

The February 2015 email entitled “Heads up – between us” shows that CNN sources leaked the results of polls to the Clinton campaign prior to publishing them. The results were leaked initially to Joel Benenson, a pollster and the Chief Strategist to Clinton campaign. They were then forwarded to chairman John Podesta, campaign manager Robby Mook, and Clinton aid Huma Abedin amongst others.

“I think you are going to enjoy a poll we have releasing tomorrow morning at 6:00 am ET that asks about 2016ers and whether they are perceived as candidates of the past or candidates of the future,” the email from a “source” at CNN reads. “Some interesting findings…”

This isn’t the first time CNN’s journalistic integrity has been called into question by a leaked email. Earlier this month it was revealed that interim chairperson of the DNC Donna Brazile had leaked a debate question to the Clinton campaign.

Here’s the email in question:



By the way, we’ve also learned from Wikileaks that bogus polls are part of the Clinton campaigns strategy. How? Because they believe that if polls show a Hillary victory as an inevitability, it would hopefully demotivate Trump supporters, and dissuade them from going to the polls November 8th. They wanted to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

That’s why you get unbelievable polls that a sensationalized ABC poll from earlier this month which showed Hillary ahead by an incredible eleven points. How did they get that result? By having a polling firm that’s on the Clinton camp’s payroll conduct it.

Don’t buy the hype. Only you can prove the media wrong on election day, and all you have to do is vote.

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