Last year Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use and it has created many unintended problems for our welfare program in Colorado. like all social programs, the Food Stamp program has the ability to be abused since its not restrictive as it should be, and that’s what Colorado tokers have easily discovered; so easy a stoner can  do it!

According to a recent report by the National Review Online within the first six months of the new law welfare recipients used their EBT card at least 259 times to access your tax dollars from ATM’s at Marijuana dispensaries and retail shops, which resulted in $23,608.53 in temporary assistance for needy families cash.

Since these programs were not intended nor created for the needy to buy marijuana how is the state of Colorado going to fix this problem?

“On July 11, the Colorado State Board of Human Services passed an emergency rule, effective immediately, restricting the use of TANF funds at marijuana shops, bars, liquor stores, gambling establishments, and other potentially inappropriate venues.

The Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS), which oversees the TANF program, has begun to convene a task force on apparent misuse of cash benefits, joining with other state agencies to work out the details of enforcement, including how to monitor transactions, what constitutes wrongful usage, and whether withdrawals at medical-marijuana dispensaries should be considered a potential abuse of welfare money.”

Republicans in Colorado attempted to pass a bill that would effectivley outlaw all EBT withdrawls at marijuana retailers, but they were shot down by democrats.

lets be honest here, everything our government does is restrictive against people trying to succeed in life, but they ensure its as easy as it gets to abuse social programs which only makes it more difficult to for people to get off it and draws in new leaches everyday just because its designed to be that way.  Just ask Californian surfer Jason Greenslate.

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