Colorado Welfare Leeches About To Get A BIG Wake Up Call


Colorado is looking to clamp down on its government-subsidized population with a new measure that would help to save the state loads of money every year.

Everyone generally agrees that using taxpayer money for adult entertainment and gambling isn’t okay. After all, welfare isn’t intended to provide people with luxuries that those who work enjoy. It was created to be a safety net for those who fall on hard times to ensure their basicneeds are met.

Despite this, Democrats in Colorado are opposing a measure introduced by the GOP that would prohibit Electronic Benefits Transfer cards (EBT) from being used to withdraw cash at liquor stores, marijuana dispensaries, and strip clubs. According to the Washington Times, the measure is to bring the state’s laws into compliance with federal laws prohibiting the same in order to not have their federal grants under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program reduced by five percent.

Pot shops aren’t on the federal list of banned ATM locations, however, Colorado lawmakers fear that failing to include them in their measure would violate the nature of the law and draw attention from the Justice Department, who already keeps states with legal weed on a tight lease.

“Even though it’s not part of that ban requirement, marijuana is illegal at the federal level, and we just want to be proactive and ahead of that,” said director of Office of Economic Security for the Colorado Department of Human Services, Loretta Love, during a testimony in favor of the measure last week.

On Friday, the bill received preliminary approval from the state Senate, with Republicans having an 18 to 17 vote edge. However, it’s being met with strong resistance from House Democrats who have a 34-31 majority.

Democrats are claiming that people on welfare find it difficult to locate ATMs because many don’t have bank accounts. They also question whether or not they’re using their funds to buy pot.

“My county still expresses concerns about this bill,” said Democrat Senator Matt Jones. “And they don’t know how big a problem it is as far as people using this money for the activities listed here, so I’m going to be a no.”

But independent investigations from media outlets have found that tens of thousands of dollars are spent on pot every year using EBT cash. FOX31 in Denver was able to use computer tracking to find that at least $32,275 was withdrawn from ATMs inside pot shops over a six month period.

“Withdrawals inside pot shops ranged from $20 to $400 with a total of at least 465 separate transactions. ATMs in 82 different marijuana dispensaries were used; that’s a quarter of the licensed recreational stores statewide,” their investigation found.

It’s good to see yet another state taking a stand to fight the widespread abuse of our nation’s welfare program. What was once intended to only be assistance for those in need, has seemingly turned into government-subsidized living at the expense of those who work hard to get ahead.

If that’s not redistributing wealth, I don’t know what is. Kudos to Colorado for trying to at least slow it down.

—Courtesy of Mad World News

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