Colts Player Gives Kaepernick The Finger, Wears Shoes to Honor Fallen Deputy

Colts long snapper just gave Kaepernick the long finger! And by that, I mean the one right in the middle. That’s right! Matt Overton wore shoes decorated in memory of a fallen police officer, sending a big middle finger to the anti-American Colin Kaepernick.


Blue Lives Matter – It is no secret in the Midwest that Colts Long Snapper Matt Overton supports Law Enforcement.  Raised by a career officer, you might say blue is in the blood.

Matt Overton is a familiar face around the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Indiana State Police and FOP Lodge #086. Whether he is doing a ride-along, dropping off donated items for different charity causes or even participating in some of their training, he makes sure that local law enforcement knows that they have a friend on the field.  This holiday he will take the stage for all of America as they lay around after eating way too much turkey, for a beloved game of Thanksgiving Day football.  He will do it this year making sure that our men and women in uniform are not forgotten.

Matt’s father Tom Overton, served for 31 years before he retired a Captain, with the San Leandro Police Department in their home state of California.  Matt grew up knowing that one day he wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps.

This is awesome. It’s great to see our millionaire athletes pay tribute to our boys in blue. The police deserve respect and honor for doing the job that’s so hard, yet doesn’t pay enough, and goes thankless almost ever day.

If Colin Kaepernick can protest and be anti-American, then Matt Overton can be pro-cop and pro-American. His shoes were an amazing tribute that was respectful, still in his team colors, and most importantly – just a really nice thing to do to show support for the family of Deputy Dennis Wallace.

To Matt – if you ever read this – great job and thank you.

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