Columbus Day Protesters Block Traffic, Threaten Driver. Get RUN OVER!

You can add Columbus Day to the list of holidays that liberals hate. Rather than simply not celebrating the holiday, or doing what many have already done and celebrate their own holiday called “indigenous people’s day,” liberals decided to go wild on Monday.

One protest was carried out by a group named “Abolish KKKolumbus Day” (yes, seriously), and interesting title considering that the KKK didn’t exist during Columbus’ conquest. Admittedly, I’m not fan of Christopher Columbus as there were many crimes he did indeed commit, but liberals do overstate his crimes. For example, 90% of the Indians who died following Columbus’ arrival in America were killed due to diseases from Europe they hadn’t been exposed to previously.

And let’s not pretend that the Indians were all one cohesive tribe leaving in peace before Columbus showed up either. That being said, I choose to simply enjoy by day off rather than getting angry over the name of the day!

But for unemployed liberal activists, Columbus Day is just any other day. There were people going about their business, and streets for them to block off for no reason whatsoever.

As Louder With Crowder reported:

Because a white European sailed across an ocean, and “discovered” a “New World.” Then all the “indigenous people” hell broke loose. You’ve heard the stories. So a leftist protest of “KKKolumbus Day” by blocking traffic isn’t shocking.

What is shocking? The driver they were blocking giving no f***s…

Reaction to the video isn’t what SJWs were expecting. Instead of sympathy, they’re being hit with reality. Usually the comment section is reserved for people who resemble Lord of the Rings Orcs. But not so much this time:

I stopped feeling bad as soon as I heard “I’ll rip you out of that truck, you little f***.” At that point, threats are made against the driver and he did what he had to do to get out of a potentially harmful situation. Don’t protest in the middle of the street, and then threaten people in vehicles wanting to get through. No sympathy for any of these dumb people in the road.

Amen to that.

At least one person appeared to be hurt in the incident.

The video of the incident was seemingly uploaded on YouTube Monday by one of the protesters. The video’s description reads: “PROTESTERS RAN OVER FOR BLOCKING THE STREETS AIM Northern Nevada invites you to stand in solidarity with us as we fight to abolish the honoring of murder, rape, slavery, torture and genocide in our communities. This is the time, the time is now.”

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