COMEDY HOUR: Liberal FRAUD claims she was ALMOST attacked by Trump supporter

If you hear about a Donald Trump supporter being attacked for his beliefs, you’d be wise to believe the story. In the events of those incidents, there’s always video footage. We’ve all seen countless footage of Trump supporters being attacked, whether it be at rallies, or out in public.

In the case of the supposed wave of hate-crimes inspired by Trump’s victory, where’s the evidence? In nearly every single case, such “crimes” are reported no where except for on Twitter. In the few cases that had been reported to law enforcement, they’d been exposed as hoaxes.

The narrative is more important than the facts to these people. They have no problem in making these hoaxes go viral because “it must’ve happened somewhere!”

Well, it probably hasn’t. As Trending Views reported, here’s the latest fraud to be exposed:

She claims she walked by a 60-year-old man who was selling Trump pins. She rolled her eyes at him, which STARTED THE PROBLEM, and he raised a fist at her. He didn’t hit her, just did a hand gesture, and now she’s acting like she’s terrified. She claims he almost attacked her while a white cop watched. And what would the cop do?

No one was hit, there is no crime other than her enormous head and false flag butt hurt liberal crybaby mentality. She is exactly what’s wrong with America. If the guy wants to sell Trump pins, then leave him alone. He did not hit her or anything, but here she is complaining and saying the nation is divided. No it’s not divided, it’s just divided from liberal losers like her.

She made a big deal and disrespected the OLD MAN because she didn’t agree with his product. Just keep walking instead of standing there making a problem. The guy is 60-years-old selling little pins for money – this is what his life is right now. Leave him alone and keep walking. This liberal lunatic big headed girl is pathetic.

A Trump supporter almost punched me and the police just watched“He just stood there.”

Posted by Revelist on Friday, November 11, 2016

Boo hoo.

If someone raising their fist was the extent of “violence” committed AGAINST Trump supporters, I’d be pretty happy! Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Liberals truly are living in their own reality. They’re the only people who will ask you why you’re so violent while they’re punching you in the face.

And just a bonus, there was a surprisingly large amount of sane comments about this video:

Liberal FRAUD claims she was ALMOST attacked by Trump supporter – powered by Trending Views


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