BREAKING: Companies Just Broke A National Record On ‘A Day Without Immigrants’—This Is YUGE!

Liberals are continually spreading lies and misinformation in order to create mass panic. One of those lies is that President Trump plans to deport immigrants because he is a racist. Of course, that is an absolute lie, but that has not stopped the media from running with it.

So this past Thursday, these immigrants decided they would show the world how important they were by not showing up for work. The protest was called a “Day Without Immigrants” and the purpose was to cause the country to grind to a halt. However, their little publicity stunt failed to shut down the country, in fact, it hardly made a dent. Though they did break one record, and it is hysterical.

Thousands of immigrants stayed home from work on February 16, to prove to President Trump how important they were. They went on strike to fight against Trump’s plan to deport criminal illegal immigrants out of the country. Well, now those that played hooky are being fired and in record numbers.

In Oklahoma, a dozen workers at I Don’t Care Bar and Grill were fired after missing work Thursday, most had been working at the restaurant since it opened, KTUL reports. “You and your family are fired,” their boss said in a text message. “I hope you enjoyed your day off and you can enjoy many more. Love you.”

Also in South Carolina, 21 workers at Encore Boat Builders – most of them who were long-term employees with young kids—were fired after taking part in the absurd protest. But, wait there’s more. In Tennessee 18 workers who worked at Bradley Coatings were fired after informing their supervisors they planned to participate in the protest too.

While these immigrants thought their little protest would work it hardly made a blip on the radar. Even The New York Times had to concede that this was more of an inconvenience than anything else.

The stupidity of this entire protest is that these protesters still cannot differentiate the difference between immigrant and illegal immigrant. One, of course, is being important to the history and growth of America, while the other is good for identity theft and tax evasion.

Instead of protesting they should have picked up a book and educated themselves on the topic before making fools of themselves. At any rate, at least their little stunt did help others. By them not showing up to work they gave their jobs to those who really needed them.

H/T [ Redstate Watcher ]

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