Company Forced to Stop Making This Candy Because Some Think It’s “Racist”


It seems like people will pull the race card at the drop of a hat these days. That was the case recently when social media users attacked a famous Swedish candy company for producing a candy that many thought implied some form of racism.

Folks, we can’t make this stuff up. Haribo, the famous maker of the delicious candies we know as gummy bears, among others, recently came under fire when a Twitter user posted a picture of a bag of their gummied candies and said they resembled black faces with racial overtones.

The black licorice candy was sold in a bag called the “Skipper Mix,” which contained black gummies that some people associated with Denmark’s colonial past and the slave trade. (H/T OpposingViews)


What they really are, were historical representations of what sailors or skippers would have encountered on their trips to various parts of the word. The faces were purely tribal in nature and obviously not meant to even remotely resemble any type of racism.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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