Compare Jordan and Egypt’s Plan to Defeat ISIS With Obama’s… This Tells You All You Should Know


After unleashing a series of violent acts of terror upon a growing list of nations, the radical Islamic militants of the Islamic State group must find the variance in retaliatory attacks somewhat interesting.

The image below is, unfortunately, incredibly accurate concerning the contrast in response to acts of radical Islamic violence by Jordan, Egypt and the United States.


After Egypt’s President, Abdel-Fattah elSissi, received news that twenty-one of his Christian countrymen were beheaded at the hands of the Islamic State group, he issued immediate orders to strike strategic Islamic State targets in Libya. 

Similar to Egypt, when Jordan’s King Abdullah heard that one of his pilots, Mu’ath al-Kaseasbeh, was burned alive in a steel cage on video for the world to witness, he ordered his air force to rain hell upon Islamic State group targets placed in Syria and Iraq.

When American journalist James Foley was beheaded by the same radical Islamists, Obama gave a short, pathetic speech and proceeded in his limo to the golf course.

As the attacks increased in frequency, a spokesperson for the State Department actually went on air and tried to convince America that the reason the Islamic State militants were committing these acts of violence was because Syria and Iraq needed a better jobs program. (H/T YoungCons)

One would think such a line would originate from a skit on Saturday Night Live — but not in this administration.

As long as Obama is in charge of the country, you will never once hear him acknowledge that radical Islam exists and that it’s one of the greatest threats mankind has faced.

Or if he does mention it, he’ll surely throw in a few stories about Christians who once killed a lot of people — 900 years ago during the Crusades.

Just pray that we still have the ability to conquer this radical Islamic evil when we vote in a real commander in chief next year.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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