The Most Compelling Video On Why Conservatism Can Turn Our Nation Around


Liberals continue to argue that conservatism is dead, however, they are far from being correct.  As the Obama administration has strayed to the extreme left and trampled on our constitution, many Americans have been awoken to the dangers that he has created.

The antagonistic division of Americans by socioeconomic status and race are the two keys to pushing a radical liberal agenda which has now proven to be a failure on all fronts.

The United States was built on the backs of working American’s, not Americans being a slave to the government system. The liberal welfare machine only further enables citizens to be poor, broke, and wounded as they sit back and continue to collect handouts. There’s no system in place to reward people to get back on a path to success, only one that teaches abuse and to keep milking the system.

Eventually the tap goes dry, and the working class citizen wont be able to support a stable economy. We know what works, we must stay true to these ideals.

When it comes time vote this election, prioritize issues with your candidates. Are social beliefs as important as our entire economy? Perhaps there’s a candidate who supports gay marriage but otherwise has a very strong conservative base related to economy and  foreign policy, put things into perspective on whats best for our future security as a nation.

Evolution is part of being human and things change, you can still be true to your beliefs while sacrificing a little for gain in securing a solid foundation for future generations.

Now watch this video and share it with every conservative friend and politician this voting season!

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