BREAKING: Concert Bomber’s Picture Just Released And You Won’t Believe What It Shows

In the wake of the horrific tragedy that shook Manchester, local authorities have leaped into action to not only help those affected but to find the perpetrator. The Prime Minister spoke out, saying how proud she was of local law enforcement, and rightly so. Their quick detective work has already found the person guilty of this horrible crime.

While it’s easy to point fingers and say why we think that these things happen to people, but the fact is that there will always be holes in the system, no matter how hard we try. In this, case though, I think it’s safe to say that the authorities might have learned a lesson as to what holes need immediate patching before a horrible crime like this happens again.

The man who’s been identified as being responsible for this atrocity had one defining feature that makes him a foreseeable enemy; he had a rap sheet. He was already known to police. Manchester Police already knew of his terrorism ties, but apparently, their catch and release program is just as bad as ours, considering that he was still roaming the streets, and apparently concerts with children.

Via Top Right News:

“Authorities have identified the man responsible for the devastating concert bombing in Manchester, England.

The attack killed 22 people, mostly children who were attending an Ariana Grande concert, and left 59 more with horrific injuries from the nail bomb used.

The youngest reported victim was only 8 years old, Saffie Rose Roussos, from a suburb of Manchester:

The perpetrator has been identified as an Islamic suicide bomber named Salman Abedi, 23 years old.

In addition, the Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the attack — although this claim has not been verified by authorities, and the group got some of its ‘facts wrong’ in a online post:

And as is so infuriatingly common in recent years, CBS reports the suicide bomber Abedi, was “known to British authorities” prior to the attack.

The Muslim terrorist who killed 3 tourists — including one American — in London in March was also known to police. And in the U.S., both the Boston Bombers, the Tsarnaev brothers, and Orlando Pulse nightclub jihadist were known to James Comey’s FBI prior to their slaughtering dozens of Americans.

President Donald J. Trump criticized Comey and Obama’s ‘soft’ approach to Muslim terror suspects during the 2016 campaign, and promised to implement “extreme vetting” to weed them out, but has thus far been stymied by liberal Federal judges. Trump’s policy directives will soon be tested in the U.S. Supreme Court.

UPDATE: Police also arrested another 23-year-old man as a suspect in Manchester Tuesday morning.

The arena had a sell-out crowd of 20,000. The bomb went off in the lobby area as concertgoers were trying to leave the venue at the end of the concert.

Shockingly, the jihadist did not have to go though any security before arriving at his target location inside one of the exit foyers.

The bomber, a man who police say arrived alone, was not inside the arena when he detonated his explosives. He arrived on the local rail system and approached one of the main exits as the audience made their way out.

The prime minister Theresa May called this a ‘sickening attack on children.’

How many times do we have to hear this phrase – ‘he was known to the authorities’ – before those authorities stop pussyfooting around?

Our prayers to the families of the victims of Manchester.”

While it is, of course, a sickening feeling to know that this could have been avoided, it was the obvious end to an unsustainable mindset. Those who are either inherently good themselves, or just delusional (or possibly both) thought that if they just let the Muslims in and welcomed them with open arms, they wouldn’t bite the hand that feeds them. The only problem with that is that we’re ignoring their admonition from on high to turn us all into mincemeat puddles on the pavement.

We want to believe that there’s some good in everyone, but we forget that these people have had it beat out of them by a religion fueled by hate for a very long time. Their problems are about how to gain favor with an austere and unforgiving god who’s one order is to treat those who don’t adore him like dogs and garbage. If it were something that could be worked with, I’d be all about the rehabilitation of the brainwashed, but history has shown us that it’s not a problem that can be fixed on a couch. We can just pick up the pieces and hope that we get this infestation fixed before those pieces include our loved ones.

(Source: Top Right News)

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