CONFIRMED: Wikileaks PROVES Trump Is Right – Dem Leaders And Clinton Camp Were Organizing Anti-Trump Protests (VIDEO)

Remember all the violence that we heard about at Donald Trump rallies this election? The liberal media reported on the violence as if it wasn’t caused by anti-Trump agitators. All the campaign violence this election was entirely in one direction. There were no Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters assaulted at their respective rallies.

We now know this was in large part due to the Democrat establishment funding such violence. Some explosive undercover reporting by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released this Monday revealed that organizations aligned with the Democrat Party have used a tactic called ‘bird-dogging’ to incite violence at Trump rallies. A key Clinton operative named Scott Foval is captured on camera saying, “It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherf***r.”

As the Gateway Pundit reported:

he Hillary campaign and DNC organized violence at TRUMP RALLIES!

Additional information to support these allegations was released by WikiLeaks this past week as well.

Per the video below, Wikileaks emails describe the planned anti-Trump protests by Democrat leaders.

CNN covered the planned anti-Trump rallies and you can see the signs match EXACTLY the same messages that were discussed in the Wikileaks emails.

And the same protest leaders from the Project Veritas videos are seen leading these anti-Trump rallies.

Will the mainstream media report on this?

The proof is all there. Watch below:

What does O’Keefe have up his sleeve next?

It’s been a damning past few weeks for the Hillary campaign due to Wikileaks and O’Keefe, and both are still piling on. According to O’Keefe, what he comes out with next may force DNC chair Donna Brazile to resign.

Ironically, Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to resign her position as DNC chair due to ethics concerns resulting from the DNC hack, and now Brazile may be the next out the door after being exposed. Show me the next candidate for DNC chair, and I’ll show you the next Democrat criminal to get themselves in trouble.

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