IT’S HAPPENING: Congress Finally Makes Move To Defund U.N., And It Gets Even Better

After Ambassador Power abstained from a vote that allowed a resolution to pass taking away sovereign land in the West Bank from Israel Republican’s immediately were up in arms. Conservatives were pissed off, and rightfully so, that a progressive administration was spitting in the face of one of our strongest and most loyal allies… Israel.

Now, at the behest of Senator Ted Cruz and other prominent Republicans, Congress is pushing to defund the United Nations. Anonymous congressional leaders have reported to the Washington Free Beacon that Congress wants to punish the United Nations for their vote in favor of Palestine by defunding them. As well as passing legislative measure that would kick Palestinian diplomats off of American soil. Other measures that were less talked about were the reduction of diplomatic ties with nations that voted in favor of the measure.

The anonymous sources also indicates the Obama administration is looking to take more anti-Israel measures prior to leaving office to thwart any attempts by Donald Trump and his administration to do otherwise. Senator Cruz took to Facebook on Wednesday to make a statement about Obama’s betrayal of Israel. He said the following,

“President Obama, Secretary Kerry, Ambassador Power, and their colleagues should remember that the United States Congress reconvenes on January 3rd, and under the Constitution we control the taxpayer funds they would use for their anti-Israel initiatives.

The 115th Congress must stop the current administration’s vicious attack on our great ally Israel, and address the major priorities of the incoming administration.”

In a former statement last Friday Cruz stated he was working with other members of Congress to greatly reduce and eliminate U.S. funding to the United Nations as well as other countries who voted in favor of the resolution. He said,

“For those who have put your name to this despicable attack on Israel, you did so with full knowledge of the consequences of your actions.”

Fox News estimates the United States spends about $8 billion on the United Nations as well as similar organizations every single year. $3 billion of that money goes directly to the body itself. Which means that is more than 185 of the 193 members combined. It is also the largest of any contributor.

Cutting off ties or diminishing them with every country who voted in favor of the resolution would likely be hard. Considering the fact that so many voted in favor of it we would not be having a relationship with the majority of the world. But that won’t stop Congress from taking other reasonable actions to thwart the Obama administration’s pathetic attempts to help Palestine and ignore our ally in Israel.

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