CONGRESS Just Released This Video on Hillary Committing Crimes— She’s Done!


Hillary is a liar. All Americans know this, but some of them still choose to believe the lies, because that’s what Obama’s America does. Brainwashes people to embrace the stupid and try not to let the facts bother them. It’s asinine, but true.

Now the House Oversight Committee has unleashed a video that sheds light on 4 separate times Hillary Clinton has out right appeared to have given false statements about how she handled her emails during her testimony before Congress in 2015.

This video shows how Hillary Clinton’s remarks completely contradicted what the Federal Bureau of Investigation had found back in July of this year.

Check this out…

This video brings it home and makes it very clear as to where and when Hillary told lies, stretched the truth, or just plain acted like she was too stupid to know. It’s written all over her face, and how she is reacting to the questions and the rebuttals. No, clear answers, repeating the question before answering it to buy time and sound like she knows what she is talking about.

It’s embarrassing really!

The first LIE occurred when Hillary Clinton swore under oath that there was NOTHING marked classified on any of her emails that she had sent OR received.

TRUTH: FBI Director James Comey confirmed that at least three emails had in fact been CLEARLy marked as classified.

The second LIE then came when Hillary Clinton explained to the committee that her team had gone through every single email which consisted of THOUSANDS of emails sent to the State Department individually.


TRUTH: Comey said his team of investigators discovered that Hillary’s team DID NOT read all the emails and were even so passive as to rely on ‘headers’ and a narrow set search word terms to allocate for the emails they sent the FBI.

Hillary also awkwardly testified that she had only one server in use to house all her emails. This too was an out right lie.

TRUTH: Comey reported the vile woman had SEVERAL over the course of her time as the Secretary of State.

That’s just embarrassing.

During the video Hillary also states that she had relinquished ALL of her emails to the State.

That’s also a load of bull..

Comey found several thousand emails that were NOT a part of the 30,000 emails Hillary had initially sent over.

Honestly, it’s a joke now. All her dishonesty and shady choices are so obvious, and the fact that she’s still running for President and has a following as she does is just a big fat BAD joke.

What I would like to see, is watch Hillary sit down and watch this video herself. Witness as she awkwardly stumbles through her interview, and then the follow-up where Comey absolutely DESTROYS everything she claimed to be the truth.

She’s a snake, and a criminal. It’s time she starts getting treated as such.