Congress Literally Bows to “Allah” on the House Floor [VIDEO]


With Obama’s surrender in Afghanistan about to take place, and his absolute failure of foreign policy in Iraq with the rise of the Islamic State, it is hard to comprehend someone being invited to Congress to praise the name in which some many innocents have been killed. But that’s exactly what Congress did.

Even after the deaths of thousands of service members and American civilians over the past 14 years by those who have no other reason to kill than, “In the name of Allah,” Imam Hamad Chebli was allowed on the floor of the House of Representatives to praise that very name.

Many on the left, while taking every opportunity to tear down Christianity and outright make war on Israel, always do everything in their power to protect and coddle radical Islam, the “enemy of their enemy.”

Even though radical Islam is more of a socio-economic movement that hides behind a religion in order to impress its will onto the culture of a nation, before conquering it.

Countries like France and Britain have awakened to this fact, possibly too late.

Progressive Democrats will do anything to allow a mosque at Ground Zero, but a crèche on the local courthouse lawn might offed someone.

For a party that “booed” God and voted all references to Christianity out of their platform, it seems odd that Democrats would care about any deity, regardless of religion.

Yet as this video shows, the assault of America from within by more than one enemy is on the move.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune 

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