CONGRESS REPORT: Obama TOOK $2.6B From Veterans Who Died In VA Hospitals With Maggot Infested Wounds

Under the Obama administration our veterans have been mistreated in favor of refugees. Over the past eight years the Veterans Affairs department has been horribly mismanaged. Some of the problems include veterans not being able to make doctor appointments, the cost of treatment for them being ridiculously high. As a result, 307,000 veterans have died while waiting for the rightful health care.

Nobody has been held accountable. Recently, Veterans Affairs appeared before Congress and argued that they were short $2,600,000,000 in their annual budget. That money was taken from the President and placed into a Syrian refugee program.

Robert McDonald, who is a Secretary of Veteran Affairs told Congress while speaking their that if they are not provided the $2.6 billion they are owed they will have to deny their veterans the care they deserve as well as need.

Ever since 2008 the Veterans Affairs department has been underfunded. They have been forced to deny vets their health care. Help such as doctor appointments for people with suicidal thoughts. Even Congress was forced to vote and pass an emergency spending bill that is worth around $3.5 billion.


As a result the Obama administration sent an additional $4.5 billion to help in the process of rebuilding Syrian mosques and homes. As well as $419 million to Syria in the form of humanitarian aid.


A study from Congress shows that one in ten adults who were veterans experienced homelessness at least once in their life. Which means that 47,725, or 11 percent of the 436,921 homeless adults. Of the 31,505 homeless veterans approximately 17,000 were un-sheltered and living on the streets in poverty.

Working together both Obama and Clinton have resettled around 13,000 undocumented refugees from Syria since just last year in 2015. Giving them things such as apartments, foot stamps, healthcare, and benefits.

President Elect Trump has said that he will spend hundreds of millions of dollars getting veterans off the streets and out of homelessness. Helping them into jobs which Obama and Clinton have failed to do. He also insisted he will freeze accepting Syrian refugees and promised to transfer the funds Obama put in the Syrian refugee program and send them back to the Veterans Affair department where they belong.

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