BREAKING: Congressional Black Caucus Launches Bill To Make White People Pay

Should you pay for the 1.4 percent of Americans who owned slaves over 150 years ago? Not only did you not benefit from slavery in any way — most Americans didn’t — and those who did saw all the wealth created by slavery destroyed by the Civil War. But such is the logic of those demanding reparations for slavery.

There’s plenty of logistical problems with reparations too.

And how exactly would reparations for slavery work logistically? My ancestors didn’t come here until the 1930s, so would I be exempt as I don’t have any connection to slavery down my family tree? And what about blacks who are the descendants of other blacks who came to America after slavery was abolished? Will they get reparations? And what about people who are bi-racial? Are they only eligible for fifty percent?

If you thought calling for reparations would be too crazy to enter our government, think again. As the Conservative Tribune reported:

Delusional Democrats in the Congressional Black Caucus have reportedly renewed their ill-conceived efforts to force white Americans to pay for the sins of some of their ancestors.

Specifically, Michigan Rep. John Conyers and his fellow CBC members have “re-introduced legislation that would set up a commission to consider whether reparations should be paid to black Americans for slavery,” according to the Washington Examiner.

Conyers has reportedly been proposing the bill every year for at least two decades. As noted by the Examiner, the bill would also consider the prospect of the federal government issuing a formal apology for the “racial and economic discrimination against African-Americans.”

Yes, they’ve been trying to push this through for the past twenty years with no luck, and I won’t be surprised if they’re keeping this up for the next two hundred years!

I don’t think they’ll have much luck convincing people who never owned a slave to pay money to people who were never enslaved.

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