WOW This Congressman Just Destroyed Every Anti-Trump Protest In America! Never Again!

The presidential election has taken a lot out of everyone on both sides of the aisle. Liberals have been protesting and rioting in the streets and universities have been creating safe places and cry rooms for those little snowflakes unable to handle the results of the election.

Republican State Representative Bobby Kaufman has introduced a bill to pass for legislation called the Suck It Up Buttercup bill. The bill was a direct result from the way that millenials have handled the results of the 2016 presidential election. And the way that universities have chosen to handle the millennials.

The bill would increase the penalties for those who block interstate highways and freeways while protesting. It would also analyze how much taxpayer money was being spent on grief counseling and safe space creation.

Kaufman noted that their actions are not only immature but dangerous because ambulances and police officers might need to pass the street while they are blocking it by protesting. It called it selfish and reprehensible.

The idea for the bill came after Kaufman found out about rumors of these cry rooms and safe places. In response he said,

“That is a waste of taxpayer dollars and it does not prepare kids for life. In life their are winners and losers and when your car breaks down, your kids get sick, or you have to take a second job to pay your mortgage, you don’t get to go to a cry zone, you don’t get a pony. You have to deal with it.”

This bill is in the beginning stages so the details are unknown and it has not gone through any hearings yet. But it of course will recieve Democratic backlash. It is so sad that in this day and age that money will actually have to be spent towards figuring our how much money universities spent on creating safe places for people who can not handle reality.

Clearly we have some messed up priorities. College and high school is meant to prepare you for the real world not stunt you for it. But it is clear that they are not even doing that.

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