Congressman Leaks Dirty Secret Why Obama Hates Israel, And It All Makes PERFECT Sense Now!

President Obama’s refusal to veto the recent United Nations resolution against Israel came as a tough hit for our long time ally. Conservatives have been eating it up as the staunchly pro-Israel supporters they are. The international community has been abuzz with the controversy. Now people are alleging that the President’s abstaining vote shows he really has no intention of standing by Israel or being their ally.

A former Republican congressman is commenting to the media why he thinks the President hates Israel so much he would take such drastic action. Former Illinois Representative Joe Walsh thinks this is because the President is a closet Muslim. The former politician is now a talk show host who went on a Twitter rant this past Thursday.

Look at some of his inflammatory tweets here,

President Obama’s policy decisions concerning Israel are very unlike all the former presidencies. Both Democratic and Republican ones alike. They have all been pro-Israel in the past. Yet the current President seems to continuously take action within the international arena that appears to be a slap in the face to our Jewish ally.

Those actions include alleged transcripts of a meeting between the Palestinian Authority and the Obama administration. Now an abstain vote for a resolution that strips Israel of their sovereign rights in the West Bank.

Former Representative Walsh would not be the first person to believe the President was really a Muslim. Perhaps he is one of the only who has the audacity to say it publicly. Most pundits in the mainstream media simply brush off such allegations and label them racist or xenophobic the same way they did with the birther movement.

One thing is clear, while nobody can prove the President is Muslim he certainly has anti-Jewish sentiment against a country that should be one of our greatest allies.

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