A video posted online Thursday shows the operator of a popular conservative YouTube page confront Ferguson protesters in Portland, Oregon who were demonstrating on the steps of the police department.

According to the video, demonstrators gathered on Wednesday to express their firm disapproval of the recent grand jury decision that declined to indict officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Conservative YouTube personality “Laughing at Liberals” showed up at the scene to deliver remarks and ask questions he warned “might offend some people.”

“I’ve got just a couple things to get off my chest here,” he said.

“Since the death of Trayvon Martin … 20,000 black males have been murdered at the hands of other black males. Why does nobody march for them?” the conservative male asked the protesters, using a megaphone.

The conservative male then suggested the protesters were being particularly hypocritical by supporting gun control and higher taxes that empowers a government they don’t approve.

A Ferguson protester in Portland, Oregon responds to a conservative who confronted the group of demonstrators. 

At the conclusion of his remarks, a Ferguson protester responded.

“Those people that killed other black people, when they are found to have killed them — they will go to prison!” the unidentified individual said. “There will be justice.”

“These asshats in this f***ing building — these guys are paid to protect and serve us!” he said. “These guys have taken an oath to protect and serve. So all that distraction doesn’t take away from any of the responsibilities of these people.”

After that remark, video of the confrontation abruptly ends, making it impossible to know how things ultimately concluded.

At the time of publication, the footage had only a few hundred views on YouTube.

Courtesy of The Blaze

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