Conservative Puts Up Controversial Billboard Making VERY Important Point [PICTURE]


The Second Amendment allows us to protect ourselves from those who might seek to harm us via criminal acts, including our own government.

People forget that a disarmed populace is a vulnerable populace, especially when it comes to government overreaching its designated authority. However, the person who put up this billboard didn’t forget, and his advice is going viral.


It’s a much-used meme, but that doesn’t make it any less true – the first act of almost any fascist or totalitarian government is to disarm their populace and restrict access to most privately-owned weapons.

Meanwhile, most of these governments give even more firearms to those authorities who have control over the populace – and more freedom to use them, as well.

What liberals call “gun control” really isn’t what we think it is. Liberals aren’t trying to restrict the number of guns; they’re just trying to restrict who has access to them. Gun control advocates wish to give a monopoly on force to those authorities who are supposed to “protect” us in the vain hope that they will.

This type of thinking evinces a sort of blind faith in government – or rather, in liberal government.

This wasn’t what the Founding Fathers envisioned.

The Second Amendment was enacted to ensure that people had arms to protect themselves against the inevitable overreach of government. Thankfully, we’ve yet to reach the point that invocation of citizen militias is necessary, but this doesn’t mean that day won’t come.

If and when it does, those who stood by while the feds confiscated their guns will wonder why they ever thought the government would take care of them.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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