Convert Or Die: Children Forced To Join Islamic Prayers, “Tolerance” Takes On Whole New Meaning

The genocide perpetrated by ISIS in the Middle East has dominated the media stage for a while. But all the attention has focused on the danger posed to other Muslims. Never mind the fact that christians are even more in danger as a smaller portion of the overall population. In 2016 the Obama administration admitted approximately 12,600 Muslim refugees with less than one percent being Christian.

One specific case of use of violence against Christians is scaring many. A refugee from the African nation of Cameroon allegedly murdered six different Christians. He bludgeoned them to death and then proceeded to throw them overboard. They died in the cold and choppy waters. The African man did it because the six people… were praying to Jesus.

Christians face persecution in a myriad of different places such as Syria, Iraq, Germany, France, and the United States. There are also stories of Muslim refugees committing crimes against Christians in asylum centers in Germany.

A German priest from Leipzig described to reporters his opinion of what is going on. His name is father Andreas Knapp and he said,

“Yes, there were problems here at a school in our city district, where Christian and Muslim children, who were relatively new in Germany, were in the class of integration, the Muslim children have just teased a Christian boy who had a cross. They have probably been disrespectful, perhaps even hatred, of Christians from their homeland, the boy has been talking to his teacher, but he did not intervene, and we found a solution for the boy to change school.”

The priest watched as his students were bullied and the administration did nothing to help rectify the situation other than take the boy out of school. Which is a form of victim blaming, he should not face the consequences of something his abusers did.

He went on to discuss how students are forced to visit mosques by liberal educational administrations who preach tolerance. They are being forced to partake in these events even if they do not want to. He provides numerous other stories of german Muslims discriminating against Christians. Notably bullying Christian kids.

This is the twenty first century this should not be happenig.


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