HERO Cop Ambushed & Shot 4 Times – County CANCELS His Insurance! CALL TO ACTION!

Mike Hutchinson, a deputy with the Deuel County Sheriff’s Department, was serving a warrant on a man wanted for attempted murder. Hutchinson was ambushed, and shot four times with a 9mm pistol.

hutchinson armyParamedics managed to keep Hutchinson, an 8-year Army veteran, alive for the 33-mile trip to the hospital.


Leo Affairs details the moment that led up to the shooting:

On December 3rd of 2015, Deputy Mike “Hutch” Hutchinson of the Deuel County Sheriff’s Department exited his patrol vehicle to serve an arrest warrant on suspect Neil Stretesky, who was wanted for Failure to Appear and Felony Attempted Murder charges.

With his backup at the bottom of the hill that overlooked part of Big Springs Nebraska, Hutchinson shifted his jacket in the cool winter air as he walked to the back of his vehicle to retrieve his ballistic gear.

Suddenly, he was faced with something no officer ever wants to face- an ambush.

Finding himself face to face with a shotgun-armed Stretesky, he was instructed to surrender his service weapon. When he refused, a shot was fired, causing the shotgun to malfunction. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Hutchinson attempted to wrestle the shotgun from Stretesky, turning the altercation into a ground battle.

Then it happened: Hutchinson was shot four times with a 9mm pistol.

According to Omaha.com, Hutchinson “was initially treated at the Ogallala hospital and underwent emergency surgery before being flown by helicopter to Greeley.”

deputy hutchinson

What happened next is probably worse than being shot by criminal scum – Deuel County commissioners would not vote on whether to continue Hutchinson’s medical insurance, which was needed to pay the hospital bills for all of the surgeries he required. In essence, the commissioners canceled his insurance by doing nothing.

ScottsBluff Star Herald reports: “County commissioners took no action Tuesday at their meeting in Chappell, Nebraska, on a request from Hutchinson that the county pay for the insurance while he continues to recover from four gunshot wounds.”

Deputy Michael Hutchinson sits in a chair at his home on Thursday, Mar. 17, 2016, in Chappell, Nebraska. (MATT DIXON/THE WORLD-HERALD)
Deputy Michael Hutchinson sits in a chair at his home on Thursday, Mar. 17, 2016, in Chappell, Nebraska. (MATT DIXON/THE WORLD-HERALD)
Hutchinson, a 25-year law enforcement vet said of the commissioners actions, or, lack thereof:

“It really hurts. I made a commitment, swore an oath and did my duty. When I signed up, they said ‘Mike, we’re gonna give you x amount of pay, health insurance, retirement and life insurance. I made a commitment to them, they have backed out of their commitment to me.”

Because the county took no action to allow Hutchinson to keep his benefits, he and his wife now have a $1500-a-month COBRA bill.

A Facebook page setup for Hutchinson posted this on June 7th:

Today, they posted an update on an infection the deputy is battling:

hutchinson with kidsWe reached out to Hutchinson’s family and asked if there was a fundraising page we could share, but they said that the community has come together for them, and at this time they are not asking for contributions. They would appreciate your prayers, though. You can follow Deputy Hutchinson’s recovery, and his family’s legal battle to regain his medical insurance on Facebook, here.

Here’s what WE can do. Contact the Deuel County commissioners and tell them the RIGHT THING TO DO is to get Hutch his insurance back!

Call the commissioners!

Jerome Radke, (308) 889-5160
Steven Fischer (308) 874-2404
William Klingman (308) 874-3290

Deuel County website

If there’s any good news in this story, it’s that Hutchinson survived, and the scumbag who shot him, Neil Stretesky, was blown away. On behalf of the veterans, combat, and combat wounded vets at Freedom Daily, we wish Hutch a speedy recovery, and we hope the commissioners do the right thing!

Share this story & help Deputy Hutch get his insurance back!

By Jeff Rainforth
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