TENSE VIDEO: Cop Pulls Gun Out At Man Who Shines Blinding Light In Officer’s Face; Liberals Freak Out


A man has done something so stupid and pointless that liberals are throwing their hands in the air like they’re getting the demons exorcised out of them by Leslie Nielsen in the movie Repossessed.


Here’s what happened.

This man walks up to a police officers car at night.

Man shines a brightly blinding flashlight in the cops window and eyes.

Starts barking at the officer for some information.

What happens next is what should have happened.

Watch the video below.

Here’s what’s wrong with the video.

  1. The man who made this video is nothing more than a trouble maker who is bothering police and trying to go viral. I get it. I want to go viral too, but I’m not going to freak out an officer like this. I’m not that selfish, nor stupid.
  2. Ever have a flash light in your eyes? You can’t see anything. It’s kinda freaky and really bad for your eyes. Don’t try it and certainly don’t get pulled over at night for driving too fast. It legit hurts your eyes and you really cannot see.
  3. The cop pulls a gun on the main because the cop cannot see and does not know if this man has a gun of his own. If the cop can’t see, then he has to protect himself. The cop has an extremely talented amount of patience, because I probably would’ve ran the guy over or shot him. That’s why I’m a pencil nerd writing articles and not a police officer.

At the end of the day, what exactly is the point of making this video? What’s the point of harassing a cop for their badge number? The guy wasn’t committing a crime, the cop wasn’t arresting anyone, so what’s the point for this nonsense video? Just so the guy can attempt to go viral? Well, he looks like an idiot, and if looking like an idiot is all it takes to go viral, then I guess we’ve all been there.

He’s another pointless troll trying to prove points that don’t exist.

Leave the police alone. They don’t have time for games. They don’t want to shoot people pulling pranks. They just want to be home with their family like everyone else.

Being a cop is a dangerous job and no one should be this irresponsible to harass a cop who is on duty.

I won’t be shocked if he pulls this flashlight thing on someone and gets himself shot.

trying to get shot

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